Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Vacations - FAMILY TIME!

We've come to the end of a month's worth of vacation time for our great family and close friends.
We had the fortune of great weather every weekend we drove to Key Largo and our exploration area was a total success.
Alligator Reef: Real winner! Best place. Beautiful water and scenery.
Cheeca Rocks: Not as clear water, but beautiful non the less.
Bottle Key: Peaceful location on the bay area.
Best toy of the summer: HERO GOPRO!
Guests are gone.
MP is gone on one of her business trips to Chile... and here... alone, as I remember the great times that we had, I wanted to post this update full of great pictures and a hopeful hint of things to come!
Enjoy the pics and videos!

Here is our last trip with the full group of friends and family to Alligator Reef:

And the MOST famous of all mermaids: LUISA!!!!!

Pictures by Juan Camilo!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Back to Alligator Reef

This time we went back with our first guests: Andres and Marcela!
We had a great time and I cooked a killer burger!
Some nice pics:
... and one more GoPro Video!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Diving in the Keys!

It was a very unique and exciting weekend!
We went diving for the first time.
It was a first for several things:
First time for MP diving in the open ocean
First time we are out in the ocean!
First time to diving spots in the Keys
We learned a lot and enjoyed it even more!
Glory performed fantastic!
Some interesting facts about Glory Days I did not know:
Best cruise speed on flat water: 1990 rpms - 7.3 to 7.8 knots
If yo go faster, she will simply dig the stern in and create a huge wake, with very little gain in speed.
But once in the ocean... guess what?
2500rpms and the movement of the ocean waves actually helps Glory speed up!
9-9.3 knots burning only 7.5gph so over a 1 mpg at 9 knots! NOT BAD!
OK, now the pretty part: videos and pictures of our weekend and diving experience.

I used my new GoPro camera!

And some cool pictures:

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekend Number 1 - GREAT

It was a FANTASTIC weekend.
So many great things I just don't know where to start!
It was a long weekend and EVERYONE was out on the water.
Even so, in the Keys, you don't see the massive amount of crazy boaters you see in Miami, so it was great.
We did a lot of "exploration" and that was also great!
There are several places to go to do the type of boating we like: Anchor, paddle, swim, sleep over.
The marina is great too (I know I'm using the word GREAT a great number of times...that's the point of this great post)
So to summarize:
Saturday - go to the multiple locations, starting with the open ocean! - Too windy and too choppy to dive, but went to the site and will go back when weather is better.
Sunday - woke up at a well protected anchor (from windy night) and went to marina, did biking, then back to the boat, went to an island that we will be back in future trips (Bottle Key) to paddle, swim and overnight sleep.
Monday - MP was traveling, so we spent 1/2 at boat taking care of many little chores.
Here are the pics:

This is the entire weekend trip:

And the details -----

That's where the marina is at

Our new marina in the morning

Bringing the toys back into the boat!

Can't get over the beauty of these waters

Going out into the open ocean!! what a new thing for us!

Slept here!


Sunrise in the same place

From inside.. sunrise

Our marina is a happening place!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Moving to Key Largo

Glory Days has a new home: Key Largo!

The trip was FANTASTIC!!!!
We did Miami to Ocean Reef on Saturday afternoon.
Departed Key Biscayne at 4pm and arrived in Ocean Reef at 7:45pm.
Another Mainship followed us there hoping we had some "local knowledge"...ha!
Key Largo is a VERY LONG island and the nicest surprise was that the water actually changes from clear green to a beautiful blue as soon as you reach the area closest to the marina.
Lots of little islands and clear blue waters with white sandy bottom: Paradise!
Here is a quick photo log of the trip:

Leaving Miami

Into the shallow green yonder!

That's US1 going into Key Largo

Under US1 - Arriving at Gilberts

Famous Gilberts!

Leaving Blackwater Sound - Passing our FURTHEST TRIP SOUTH
New record for MP and FP!!!

Local racers

Buttonwood Sound

Leaving Buttonwood Sound - See the water color change ahead??

Look at this!

Highway in the Ocean - The ICW

The water on our new sailing area!

Off to some exploration - windy but beautiful!

Hello my little friends!

Not fancy, but very nice people and very comfortable!
Glory's new home!