Monday, December 15, 2014

End of Summer

Final Post - End of Summer

It was a slow summer: Too much heat, too much rain and not enough time.
We only put 26.7 hours for the entire season and averaged about a day a month...
The culprits?
1. New house
2. Weather
3. Time because of 1 and an extra bit of traveling.
Hope next year things change big time!

... and now it's time to haul Glory out and do some needed bottom work.
Here are the pics of summer and the haul out

Ready for the season!

MP is traveling....

View from the marina

Elliot Key with the toys

At anchor in Elliot Key - PARADISE!

We got a new anchor!

Night view from Marine Stadium... one of our favorites

Time to change the enclosure... last shot of the old one

Out and being worked on

Top is ready!

Time for the haul out... Hurricane Harbour Marina

Nice setup!... pool for the pressure wash

Not looking too bad as far as growth..
but paint is GONE

Ready for the pressure wash

... and off to it's land berth..

Ready for drying and sanding...

Some more details

Day 2---- Start of sanding
Metal got polished

Clean metal

Marina requirement for sanding the bottom

End of day - Sanded down
Details of the sanded hull.

Next: Day three

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Final post from First (and only) Mate Karen

We left Marathon on 4/14 for Plantation Key Marina on Islamorada.  The water was very flat and we made it in 5 hours.
One last pic from Marathon....

A big storm blew seagrass into the marina.  It made a supercool design on the water.



The boat next to us had a cat which is unusual.
The cat never leaves the boat.

This is the view from the Zane Grey Lounge on the second floor of the World Wide Sportsman store. This is an extremely fancy fishing store with a really nice bar!
It even has a full-size replica of Pilar Hemingway's boat that is still in Cuba.

The pink boat was made to look like a car and said "Nauti Limo".

 Our friend Jim joined us on the 17th and we went to Ma's Fish Camp for dinner. 
They have a dessert called Hummingbird Cake that I've been obsessed with since we had it last year. 

I flew to CA on Friday the 18th and John and Jim headed back to Miami. 
They went out to the reef to snorkel then anchored at Jew Point near Key Largo.
I have no idea how they got there from the Atlantic.  Captain Scruffy will have to explain. 

Here is Jim chillaxing...

We had a really fun time! Maybe we'll go to the Bahamas next year. :-)   



Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Marco to Marathon

We left at 7:00 am on Saturday morning to hit the high tide through Goodland Pass.  We followed Dan and Carol on the sailboat "Maxine" because they'd traveled that route before and have a 5' draft. 

Following "Maxine"

The chart says 3' of water but there was actually 10'. Our draft is 3'8", so Captain Scruffy was nervous about this passage.

Yep. This mosquito bit me.


After 86 nautical miles (9 hours) we arrived at Banana Bay Marina on Marathon in the Keys.  We stayed here last year. John likes this marina because there is a Home Depot across the street.
Sunday we rode out bikes to Sombrero Beach which is one of the nicer beaches in the Keys.

We have our own little beach at the marina where we can watch parrot fish, manatees, and spiny lobsters.  I got this picture from the internet - we're not allowed to catch lobsters in the marina.  

The view from the flybridge.

We're planning on leaving Saturday for Plantation Key.