Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Glory Days is up for sale or partnership

For sale:

2004 Mainship 400T $169,000 OR half share in a partnership
Boat is turnkey and ready to begin cruising. It has been extensively upgraded with a stern thruster added in 2013, 3 new AGM’s in 2014 and a new Bimini and enclosure in 2015. “Glory Days” is  powered by a single Yanmar 370 and has twin thrusters for easy maneuverability.  See the attached spec sheet for full details. The boat is located near Islamorada in the Keys

Maintenance has always been our top priority. A full record of all we have done and the fuel and trip log are in the Maintenance Log link below.

Boat Specs
Maintenance Log

The Partnership:

Glory Days is currently held in a 50/50 partnership. The partnership agreement is attached in this link.: 

Basically we split insurance and maintenance 50/50 and are each responsible for our operating expenses (moorage and fuel) while we have the boat. John has the boat for about 4.5 months per year in the winter and Francisco has it the rest of the time. The partnership going forward would be with John and his wife Karen. This was a great arrangement for both couples. We have an excellent working relation and it is only coming to an end, because Francisco and his wife have just adopted a 2 year old and just don’t see being able to spend sufficient time on the boat given their busy lives.

Our Blog:

The rest of this blog is arranged chronologically from the present to when we bought the boat in Boston in 2012. The postings from the winter months are mostly from John and Karen, whereas the posting from May through December are mostly from Francisco and MP.
We used the boat differently. Francisco and MP were primarily weekend boaters as they are both employed, and they used the boat for entertainment of their extended family and friends. It’s great for that, as you probably know, as the fly bridge is the best I have seen on any boat, and includes the “summer kitchen” with propane grill. We just replaced the entire bimini and enclosure, as the original was pretty worn.
John and Karen were primarily “snow birds” and were live aboards on the boat from January through May, cruising extensively in Florida and the Bahamas. This is an excellent cruising and live aboard boat as well! Plenty of storage, good in rough seas and very comfortable.

Below are a few pictures of the boat. Many more can be found by scrolling though the blog

Glory Days is looking for a new...

The time has come for Glory Days to move on to a new phase of life.

John's family and my family have enjoyed Glory for three years more than any other boat we have ever owned.

My family will be growing soon! A beautiful baby boy (2.5 years old) is on his way and we can't be any happier.

But with this new life in our family comes less time to be on Glory Days and we have to re-arrange our schedules.

We are open to selling Glory Days or finding a new partner.

As most of you know, Glory Days has been owned by John's and my family for three years now and this co-ownership/partnership has been FANTASTIC in every sense of the word: Great financially, great as far as time sharing, great as a two family relationship, and great for sharing all types of ideas, experiences and love for this awesome boat.

If you or anyone you know is interested in either option, here are the the details:

For sale:
2004 Mainship 400T $169,000
Boat is turnkey and ready to begin cruising. It has been extensively upgraded with a stern thruster added to in 2013, 3 new AGM’s in 2014 and a new Bimini and enclosure in 2015. “Glory Days” is currently in the Florida Keys, and powered by a single Yanmar 370.  See the attached spec sheet for full details.

If you are interested in continuing the partnership with John's family:
Our partnership is a straight forward and very well laid out 50/50. 
Maintenance has always been our top priority, so below you can see a full record of all we have done.
Links to details:
Boat Specs
Maintenance Log

And... with a heavy heart, remembering all the great times we've had with Glory Days, as well as a hopeful wish that she continues to be in as great hands as she has ALWAYS been, I leave you with some awesome pictures....

Marine Stadium - Miami: Our favorite overnight anchor

Key Largo sunset

Sooo spacious! Even fits a paddle board
(during the haul out for bottom paint)

Brand new bottom

Stern thruster - COMFORT!

Going back in the water

Night cruising in Miami river!

This was our dock in Miami, right before the new canvas

Close up of our bottom paint and stern thruster

Our new canvas! GREAT VIEW!

New canvas detail

New canvas detail

New canvas starboard

New canvas port

Our new marina en Key Largo

Mangrove Marina - Key Largo

Our way down to Key Largo - great trip!

If you look very closely: Miami is on the horizon
Our trip to Key Largo, leaving Miami

In the Florida Keys

Our new home in Key Largo

Nothing like sunsets in Key Largo

The view from our new dock.

On our way to Alligator Reef, just a couple 
miles from Key Largo.... what an amazingly clear water!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Vacations - FAMILY TIME!

We've come to the end of a month's worth of vacation time for our great family and close friends.
We had the fortune of great weather every weekend we drove to Key Largo and our exploration area was a total success.
Alligator Reef: Real winner! Best place. Beautiful water and scenery.
Cheeca Rocks: Not as clear water, but beautiful non the less.
Bottle Key: Peaceful location on the bay area.
Best toy of the summer: HERO GOPRO!
Guests are gone.
MP is gone on one of her business trips to Chile... and here... alone, as I remember the great times that we had, I wanted to post this update full of great pictures and a hopeful hint of things to come!
Enjoy the pics and videos!

Here is our last trip with the full group of friends and family to Alligator Reef:

And the MOST famous of all mermaids: LUISA!!!!!

Pictures by Juan Camilo!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Back to Alligator Reef

This time we went back with our first guests: Andres and Marcela!
We had a great time and I cooked a killer burger!
Some nice pics:
... and one more GoPro Video!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Diving in the Keys!

It was a very unique and exciting weekend!
We went diving for the first time.
It was a first for several things:
First time for MP diving in the open ocean
First time we are out in the ocean!
First time to diving spots in the Keys
We learned a lot and enjoyed it even more!
Glory performed fantastic!
Some interesting facts about Glory Days I did not know:
Best cruise speed on flat water: 1990 rpms - 7.3 to 7.8 knots
If yo go faster, she will simply dig the stern in and create a huge wake, with very little gain in speed.
But once in the ocean... guess what?
2500rpms and the movement of the ocean waves actually helps Glory speed up!
9-9.3 knots burning only 7.5gph so over a 1 mpg at 9 knots! NOT BAD!
OK, now the pretty part: videos and pictures of our weekend and diving experience.

I used my new GoPro camera!

And some cool pictures: